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Work and Study with Canada Student Visa

IELTS Review genuinely values and believes that well planned education can be a stepping stone to success in life! Allow us, the indigenous champions and leading pioneers in Canadian immigration industry combined with 16 years’ experience, help you to decide where your future has to take you through. Most of your articulated gestures (hopes, anxieties, dreams, and ambitions) of aspiring candidates like you, are very well captured by us. Your gateway to one of the world’s best education awaits here!

Why study in Canada

Canada, the beautiful land of ice capped mountains, bountiful lakes to forests, coastlines to natural habitats is brimming with zillions of Work or Study opportunities for aspirants like you. Canada’s most famous tourist attraction, Niagara Falls has millions of visitors thronging from all over the world! Canada is almost always glorified as one of the world’s most livable countries.

Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad In Canada and across the other member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), higher levels of education are typically correlated with higher employment rates. In 2009,82% of the population in Canada with a college or university credential was employed, compared with 55% of people with less than high school education.

Takeaways while you Study in Canada:

  • State of the art classrooms, infra structure, progressive disciplines, qualitative tutors, world class libraries, international campus community, interesting mix of cultures.
  • Scope of Researching opportunities.
  • Studying in Canada will open doors around the world after graduation! It has world-wide recognition to its varsity holders.

Entirely different gamut of study experience is in store for you! Are you ready to migrate to Canada for study! Consult us today, to know if you are eligible!

Last but not the least, your smile means a lot to us!

Occupation Occupation Code
Nursing co-ordinators and supervisors 3011
Physicists and astronomers 2111
Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses 3012
Other professional occupations in physical sciences 2115
Specialist physicians 3111
Civil engineers 2131
Paramedical occupations 3234
Mechanical engineers 2132
Dental hygienist and dental therapist 3222
Electrical and electronics engineers 2133
Licensed practical nurses 3233
Industrial and manufacturing engineers 2141
Early childhood educators and assistants 4214
Metallurgical and materials engineers 2142
Managers in health care 0311
Mining engineers 2143
Theatre, fashion, exhibit and other creative designers 5243
Geological engineers 2144
Pharmacist 3131
Petroleum engineers 2145
Health policy researchers, consultants and program officers 4165
Aerospace engineers 2146
Other business service managers 0125
Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers) 2147
Senior managers-health, education, social and community services and membership organizations 0014
Other professional engineers, n. e. c. 2148
Senior managers-health, education, social and community services and membership 0013
Mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries 2161
Senior managers-trade, broadcasting and other services, n. e. c. 0015
Information systems analysis and consultants 2171
Senior managers-construction, transportation, production and utilities 0016
Software engineers and designers 2173
Financial managers 0111
Geological and mineral engineering technologists and technicians 2212
Human resource managers 0112
Forestry engineering technologists and technicians 2223
Purchasing managers 0113
Civil engineering technologists and technicians 2231
Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers 0121
Mechanical engineering technologists and technicians 2232
Banking, credit and other investment managers 0122
Occupation Occupation Code
Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologists and technicians 2233
Advertising, marketing and public relations managers 0124
Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians 3124
Telecommunication carriers managers 0131
Managers in health care 0311
Drafting technologists and technicians 2253
Postal and courier services managers 3132
Land survey technologists 2254
Other medical technologists and technicians (except dental health) 3219
Engineering inspectors and regulatory officers 2262
Cooks 6322
Air pilots, flight engineers and flying instructors 2271
Bakers 6332
Engineer officers, water transport 2274
Restaurants and food service managers 0631
University professors and lectures 4011
Accommodation service managers 0632
Architecture and science managers 0212
Purchasing agents and officers 1225
Geological and mineral technologists and technicians 2212
Biologists and related scientists 2121
College and other vocational instructors 4021
Social workers 4152
Financial auditors and accountants 1111
Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety 2263
Psychologists 4151
Aircraft instruments, electrical and avionics mechanics, technicians and inspectors 2244
Supervisors, finance and insurance office workers 1212
Physiotherapists 3142
College and other vocational instructors 4021
Other technical occupations in therapy and assessment 3237
Biologists and related scientists 2121
Medical radiation technologists 3215
Dentists 3113
Computer programmers and interactive media developers 2174
Air pilots, flight engineers and flying instructors 2271
Land surveyors 2154
Corporate sales managers 0601
Chef 6321
Graphic designers and illustrators 5241
Engineering managers 0211